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Olive Oil comes mainly from the mixture of olive picual , hojiblanca and lechín . Our cooperative selects the best quality olives separating flight and ground ( or defects and poor quality ) . We conduct rigorous analyzes to put on sale a superb Virgin Olive Oil Extra . We currently have two Olavide and Esgiroliva brands. Our oil is packaged in 5 liters , 2 liters and a half liter non-refillable . We also have black refillable glass bottles half-liter.


Picual is a cultivated variety of olive ( Olea europaea ) which is also known under other names such as marteño , nevadillo and lepereño . It is the main variety grown in Spain , reaching an area of ​​over 900,000 hectares, mainly in the region of Andalusia provinces of Jaen , Granada , Cordoba and Seville . It was named after the fruit or olives that produce ends in a small nib . This is a very popular choice for the earliness of production, ease of cultivation and quality olive oil obtained , highlighting the high proportion of oleic acid.


Lechín is the name given to several varieties of olive trees ( Olea europaea ) grown in Spain . also it gives its name to the fruits or olives that produce , which are mainly used for the production of olive oil, and to a lesser extent for table olives.

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